Merger Vision is an independent Czech M&A advisory firm focused on the SME market. Our competence and knowledge is based on ten years of investment banking experience in originating and executing transactions across industries. We are typically involved in private transactions in the value range of EUR 5 to 30 million.

Core to our approach, which makes us different from our competitors, are:

  • development of close, on-going relationships with our clients by sharing our visions and practical advise well ahead of any transaction is initiated
  • strategy to provide our SME clients with professional transaction execution customary to large cross-border M&A deals
  • independence on any local financial group that ensures client’s best representation of without potential conflicts of interest
  • confidentiality and privacy of information gained while working with our clients is not only business rule for us but primarily it is our life philosophy
  • sharing the risk with our clients – as private entrepreneurs motivated to get the deal done our success is purely dependent on satisfaction of our clients

Our sellers, family businesses, private vendors and SMEs, typically have annual revenues of EUR 5 - 50 million. Our buyers recruit from local wealthy individuals to leading international industry players.


"Eight co-founders of SOR Libchavy, spol. s r.o. did not have direct experience with company sale. The advisory team led by Mr. Mareš contacted us in the moment, when our company needed to make strategic decision on its further development. One of the options was its sale to a strong financial investor. Our advisor recommended preparing valuation of the company and analysis of potential buyers prior to initiation of the sale process. Based on this analysis the shareholders decided to initiate sale process targeted to specifically pre-defined group of investors. The team led by Mr. Mareš had our full trust and played key role in the sale process."

Ing. Jaroslav Trnka,
shareholder and CEO, SOR Libchavy, spol. s r.o., second largest bus producer in the Czech Republic*

*The stated ownership and managerial positions correspond to the situation before the transaction closing and thus might not correspond to the current situation.