Why Merger Vision

An M&A transaction means an extraordinary event in a life of any company and its owner. The M&A universe often brings together those for whom growth via M&A transactions is a core business with those for whom the transaction could be a one-in-a-life opportunity to materialize their life-long effort. Our core business is to support one of the parties to the transaction by providing practical advise and creative solutions that have proven efficient in other transactions.

You may need Merger Vision's ideas in situations when:

  • you have received an unsolicited offer from a prospective buyer
  • you are facing "shareholders' agreement" issues while considering sale of your stake
  • your partners, co-shareholders in your company, are planning exit
  • you are considering recapitalization of your business
  • you are considering sale of part of your business
  • you would like to better understand the sector of your business from the M&A perspective
  • you are considering an acquisition in the Czech Republic
  • you are considering cross-border acquisition
  • you are considering buying out or in with your management team
  • you need additional funds to support your growth strategy

Selling or buying a business is complex and time consuming and diverts valuable management attention away from the day to day operation, no matter what the deal size is. Our role is to enable you to drive your value growth whilst we organise the process so as to minimise disruption to you, your staff, customers and suppliers.


"Analysis of Czech and Central European beer markets and positions of key players, which was presented to me by advisory team led by Mr. Mareš, significantly contributed to my decision to launch a sale process. I decided to hire this advisory team for its execution."

RNDr. Milan Hagan,
majority owner and chairman of the Board of Directors, Drinks Union a.s., one of the five largest beer producers in the Czech Republic*

*The stated ownership and managerial positions correspond to the situation before the transaction closing and thus might not correspond to the current situation.